The Walking Tour

Immerse yourself on a chronological journey through the historical city center. From must-see places to hidden spots. For certain stories we will explore the inside of some marvellous monuments. Our intricately layered city offers a wide range of architectural styles that we will encounter while we dwell through delightful cobblestoned streets.

Starting in the heart of the city that radiates the glory of our medieval past, with its stunning gothic wonders and enthralling guild houses. Soon after, we will see how our country was tossed around by the greatest European dynasties, turned upside down by revolutionaries to finally Brussels becoming the capital of surreal Belgium. All these events have shaped our unique identity and culture today.

In the royal galleries we ask ourselves why did a cloudy, rainy city become the pinnacle of exquisite chocolate? How did our Brussels' spontaneously fermented beers achieve its unique classification? And much more! A fascinating experience delivered through personal stories, relatable anecdotes and humorous tidbits.