About us


Celine grew up on the countryside in a French-speaking family, she eventually moved to the capital ten years ago. She lost herself in the world of words and verses and after a few typical office jobs, she became a tour guide. Thoroughly convinced that Brussels is not a city that one loves at first sight, Celine has made it her duty to discover its secrets and its fascinating history. Now she is ready to show it in all its glory, and sometimes lack of it, to visitors who travel to Brussels. As a true Belgian she enjoys trying out new craft beers and doesn't shy away from walks on rainy days, on the contrary...



David grew up in a Flemish-speaking family. Thinking he had to study something 'useful' he got a degree in industrial design but he kept on pursuing his true passion, art and history. In his spare time he works on art projects and has a slight obsession when it comes to reading and learning new things. He is a firm believer that you can make anything fascinating, as long as it is conveyed with passion. Having worked as a tour guide for several years, he keeps his focus on improvement to go beyond the expectations of his clients. Lastly, he can be quite snobbish when it comes to his love for chocolate.