Brussels Through the Ages

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The Walking Tour

Immerse yourself on a chronological journey through the historical city center. From must-see places to hidden spots. For certain stories we will explore the inside of some marvellous monuments. Our intricately layered city offers a wide range of architectural styles that we will encounter while we dwell through delightful cobblestoned streets.

Starting in the heart of the city that radiates the glory of our medieval past, with its stunning gothic wonders and enthralling guild houses. Soon after, we will see how our country was tossed around by the greatest European dynasties, turned upside down by revolutionaries to finally Brussels becoming the capital of surreal Belgium. All these events have shaped our unique identity and culture today.

In the royal galleries we ask ourselves why did a cloudy, rainy city become the pinnacle of exquisite chocolate? How did our Brussels' spontaneously fermented beers achieve its unique classification? And much more! A fascinating experience delivered through personal stories, relatable anecdotes and humorous tidbits.

Practical Information

Every day at 10:00 and 14:00 Starting point: Grand Place, City Hall Duration: 3 hours Price: 25€ p.p. Booking required! (Payment in cash is possible but reach out to us so we can reserve some spots)


Stephanie D.:

Perfection! My husband and I love to be tourists, but don't love looking like tourists. This small group tour was perfect and intimate. I can't say enough about how much we loved this. We've taken a lot of tours in a lot of cities, and have paid a lot more to get a lot less. This tour is a winner! Céline was knowledgeable and friendly. She obviously loves her city so subsequently we instantly fell in love with both her and Brussels. We would have been willing to spend the entire day with her.

Sophie M.:

Our guide David was an unlimited source of information, entertainment and passion. I have been on many walking tours around the world and as a professional Travel Consultant I offer my customers many city tours, after this experience I will be recommending to all my customers to join this tour. His knowledge of the country and city - political, historical and all the weird and wonderful bits in between - was wonderfully presented to us and his charming, passionate nature had us enthralled from start to finish. Many thanks David!

Oliver H.:

Absolutely amazing experience! Don't hesitate, book these guys and you'll love it! It's worth double of the price! You can tell he is a local. David is so passionate, he knows and loves what he is doing and he passes this genuine excitement and curiosity on to you. The tour is relaxing and enjoyable, so many places to see and things to try! These guys thought about every subtle thing to make it worth booking! This was a great way to start our trip. An experience to remember and cherish. Highly recommended!

Peter. B:

Having had the chance to participate in Celine’s tour of Brussels’ inner city was a pleasure and a privilege. We were given such a warm welcome and Celine went to great lengths to make sure we would be comfortable for the time spent together. She was responsive, provided clear informations on all relevant subjects and gave helpful answers when we had questions. Celine is blessed to have grown up in Belgium and to live in such a nice and interesting part of Brussels. Thanks Celine for having shown us this rare opportunity.

About us


Celine grew up on the countryside in a French-speaking family, she eventually moved to the capital ten years ago. She lost herself in the world of words and verses and after a few typical office jobs, she became a tour guide. Thoroughly convinced that Brussels is not a city that one loves at first sight, Celine has made it her duty to discover its secrets and its fascinating history. Now she is ready to show it in all its glory, and sometimes lack of it, to visitors who travel to Brussels. As a true Belgian she enjoys trying out new craft beers and doesn't shy away from walks on rainy days, on the contrary...



David grew up in a Flemish-speaking family. Thinking he had to study something 'useful' he got a degree in industrial design but he kept on pursuing his true passion, art and history. In his spare time he works on art projects and has a slight obsession when it comes to reading and learning new things. He is a firm believer that you can make anything fascinating, as long as it is conveyed with passion. Having worked as a tour guide for several years, he keeps his focus on improvement to go beyond the expectations of his clients. Lastly, he can be quite snobbish when it comes to his love for chocolate.

Our Story

As local Belgian guides we left behind guiding tours for massive groups which make it impossible to deliver an authentic and personal experience. With a small group, it is easier to create a connection on both sides to avoid being part of a never ending script or routine. This is when we decided to change course and deliver personal and intimate experiences for the intellectually curious that want to genuinely discover the culture and history of the city. This without having to privately book a guide just for yourself. To achieve this we guarantee the following: 1. A local Belgian guide with a personal approach and profound expertise. 2. A small group (max. 10 people) 3. Excellent English (facilitates communication and is more pleasant to listen to).


The tour will start on the 'Grand Place' in the city center. Specifically in front of the tourist information center.
The tourist information center is on the right of the tower of the city hall. Look for the 'I' (info point).

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On average the tour lasts around 3 hours, depending on the walking pace.
There will be time for a toilet break in the middle if needed. 
Make sure to contact the guide if you are running late.
Before the tour starts, you will have received a message with the name of the guide (David or Celine) and a phone number to get in touch for any query.
We stay around the meeting point for 15 minutes.
First and foremost, Belgium is known for its unpredictable and moody weather.
Check the weather forecast. It is always advisable to bring something to cover yourself from the rain.

Next we would recommend comfortable shoes.
Brussels is not a flat city, and the city center is scattered with cobblestone streets.

Lastly, bring a bottle of water along on warm summer days.
The whole route is about 3.5 km or 2.2 miles in total.
Even if you prefer to walk slowly, it would take you 45 minutes to walk the whole tour.
We provided some stops where you will be able to sit down if needed.
Yes they can. Children under 14 years old are free to join.
The only we thing we ask you to do in this case is to let us know upfront.
Children above 14 years old have to be booked.
Yes it is! But we specifically focus on small groups to keep the experience personal.
We have a strict maximum limit of 10 people per tour. If you are more than 10 people, feel free to contact us so we can work something out.

Yes it is! Private tours can be offered in French, Dutch or English. The same policy is applied as for private groups in English: a group of maximum 10 people with a possibility to find another option if the group is bigger.

 Feel free to contact us for more information.
We might be able to work something out. Please contact us via e-mail. 

Contact us

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